May 27, 2018

Here's our newest project: know TUAT

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In the past months we decided to work in a project different from everything we have done before. So far all the Sonera’s games focused in exploring the mechanical potential of game design. Now we just threw caution to the wind and wanted to try something new that could challenge us of every single way. Here is where we bet:

(The trailer is in Portuguese, our native language, but we hope you can feel what we are trying to do. And it is a little bit out of date, since it was done last year and doesn’t reflect the project’s nowadays. But again: try to feel it, not judge it. Btw, you can use English subtitles if you want.)

TUAT is a game about death. This is our leitmotiv. It was born of our desire to talk about death when everything we see rejects death like if we are going to live forever. We choose the Egyptian religion and society as our general theme because we saw something very precious there, a new attitude towards death, and we hope to bring it in our game.

Technically speaking, TUAT is a 2D game that focuses on exploration and storytelling. You are a boy who wakes up in a weird place and you don’t know how the hell you got there. Everything you want is go back for your daily life, but you have no memories: you don’t remember who you really are.

It is important to say that you are an Egyptian boy. We don’t want to tell a story about a North American or European explorer that comes to Egypt searching for rich treasures or magical objects. We want to go deep in the Egyptian mentality and develop a game from within this culture. That’s why I am studying hieroglyphics and Egyptian thought, so everything in the game will be as accurate as possible, trying to avoid at any cost the anachronism, this ghost that haunts all the historians.

Here are some pics of the expositions of TUAT:

Every week one of us will post some content on the blog concerning the development of TUAT. So you guys can take a look at the game from different perspectives. See you all next time!