Aug 24, 2015

Justice Five - Ludum Dare 33 entry

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It's been such a short time between my last jam and this one! But it's Ludum Dare, so it's worth the effort! The theme this time was: You are the Monster. And based on this theme I developed the game Justice Five.

You have been affected by radiation and now everyone thinks you are a monster! The infamous Justice Five decides you are a threat. 

Fight the powerful members of the Justice Five and prove to them that you are not the monster everyone thinks or... just show them how right they are.

You can play the game on the link below:

I have to say that, initially, the theme didn't hype me so much. I had two ideas: the first was about you controllling a monster, kinda like if you were playing a monster in a Tokusatsu movie. It could be mechanical or just a suit. The mechanics would revolve around the monster's movimentation in order to accomplish certain feats. The second idea was about a group os superheroes and you: a transfigured creature with powers as great as theirs but excluded by the society. Well, you already know which one I picked, right?

What went right
The ideas for this game were just coming and coming. Just when I finished a level, the design to the next one would ping in my head. Since this is my third time participating in Ludum Dare, my time management is becoming quite good. I already had an idea of how much time I would spend in each area of the project.
This was the first game where I created 100% of the sprites and animations and it felt really good, because I actully liked them (most of the time I hate the sprites I create).
I planned to use Autotracker for the soundtrack in this game, but... The tracks just seem the same. I wanted a custom music for each of the bosses and Autotracker wasn't doing a very good job. After Googling a little I found this amazing software called cgMusic, which helped me create very good songs for Justice Five!

What went wrong
Once again I used Construct 2 and at the very end of development, I ran out of events... I thought I would need to cut part of my original idea for the game, since all 5 levels were already done, but I managed to free some events and fit everything there. Since I don't have money to buy the license for now, I guess it's time to try out different engines for the next jam.

Credits and Tools:
This game was developed using Construct 2
bfxr and cgMusic were used to create sound effects and audio
Adobe Photoshop CS5 was used for image editing and animations