Jul 21, 2015

One more game jam!

5:16 PM Posted by Lucas Izumi , , 15 comments
Recently I found out about the "A Game By Its Cover" game jam and found it extremely interesting, so I decided to join! The idea behind it is to "make real games out of fake cover art". I didn't know but apparently there is a competition every year that's about creating fake cover arts for all kinds of videogames.

In this jam we can choose the cover art we will use to base our game. After a widly search, those created the most cool ideas in my head:

And between them, I ended up choosing the "SHE" cartridge.

My plan is to create a puzzle game with a few levels and a bit of backstory. So far it looks like this:

Puzzle games are somewhat hard to design for me but since this Jam is a little longer than usual, I took it as a challenge. I hope I can create a good puzzle game in the given time!
I already defined the core mechanics, a few puzzle elements and designed a few puzzles as well. Right now I'm just testing the mechanics and the puzzles I created. One of the last steps will be adding the art, so the game will be looking like this for a couple more days.


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