Jul 14, 2015

CBA Bugfixes 7/14/2015

4:26 PM Posted by Lucas Izumi No comments
Two bugs have been bugging Corgi's Bizarre Adventure players in the past few weeks:
- After going through several cones at the same time, the Corgi would turn upside down and run to the opposite direction.
- After picking 2 or more pepper powerups and activating the 'Za Warudo', the Corgi would retain the speed of the pepper power ups forever, making him incredible fast (and in consequence, the game incredibly easy).

Those bugs were fixed now and with it comes a little tweak:
- Players can no longer activate the 'Za Warudo' right after they pick a pepper powerup. You are still able to pick power-ups after the activation of 'Za Warudo' though.

I want to thanks all Corgi's Bizarre Adventure players for the feedback! Happy gaming!