Dec 21, 2014

Corgi's Bizarre Adventure - Our Corgi Jam entry

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Aaaand, the game is finished! In Corgi's Bizarre Adventure you, as a Corgi, must escape the malevolent 'Timbu, the Rat'. Timbu will gain speed as time passes, thanks to his high-tech flying ship. By using the elements of the scenario will you be able to move faster and even slow Timbu down! But be careful, not everything is there to help you! And, it would not be bizarre enough if the Corgi were just a regular dog. Being exposed to gamma rays, he is now able to grow and gain enourmous strenght, but loses a bit of his intelligence. By transforming into 'Hulkorgi', the player will be able to overcome ANY obstacles but in return, will not be able to pick any power up items. The Corgi is also able to summon his 'Corgisona', an inner demon he was able to control after strangely being sucked into a television. And last but not least, the Corgi possesses and strange power that allows him to stop time for a few secondes, 'ZA WARUDO!'.
You can play it by clicking the link below.

We spent around 7 days working on this game. It was much more than we expected, but every single of us had little time during these past few days. Still, it was enough to deliver what we wanted, I think.

Since the last update, we did a lot of debbuging. One of the bugs, a very funny one, was discovered by accident by our level designer. He put up a lot of traffic cones together and when the Corgi touched a certain number in a short period of time, he would turn heads-down and start moving backwards! This happened because every traffic cone subtracts a certain amount of speed from the player everytime the player collides with one (after a collision with a cone it will no longer be affected by the players collision). The cause was that I forgot to add a verification for cases when the player's speed drops below 0, turning into negative and making him move backwards.

We also improved the score system. Since this is a highscore kind of a game AND it has an end, we though of giving it a improvement. Before, we were making the score increases by calculating how far the player could go. Now, along with that, we added a Time Bonus, which increases as long as the player survives. These two values may seem the same, but they aren't. Since there are items that slow down and accelerate the player, the time spent to travel a certain distance may vary. There is also a penalization for using Corgi's Powers. That way players can think of different strategies to achieve a higher score.

The last changes in the game consist in creating a HUD. We added a Score counter on the top left of the screen and a countdown on the top right. The countdown is used to show the player how many seconds are left to end a Corgi Power. It is invisible until a Power is used and turns invisible again when the time reaches 0.

We hope you enjoy our game!

Lucas Izumi (Programming and Game Design)
Patricia Cruz (Art and Animation)
Lucas Folle (Music)
Mikael Poetsch (Level Design)

Bfrx and Autotracker were used to create the sound effects!