Dec 18, 2014

Corgi Jam Update 2

4:12 AM Posted by Lucas Izumi , No comments
In the last few days the game changed its shape a bit. We had to take a lot of decisions in order to create the style we wanted.
At first we were developing an endless runner, with the scenario being created in real-time. This put a lot of complications to our other ideas. We didn't want the platforms to be the only obstacles in the game. Since the shape and size of the platforms is a little random we could not add obstacles dynamically without making them far too random. This would be bad because the game would become more inclined to luck than the player's ability. Certainly there are algorithms to create platforms and obstacles dynamically that follow certain rules but a little more time is needed to implement that.
The idea of making a runner still persisted. But instead of making a "platform runner" we changed it to a "full screen runner", much alike the movimentation used in Final Fight and SNES TMNT games. After this transition, the game became a lot more adorable to us. All the mechanics are fully functional and, now that we are not using a dynamically created scenario, we are working on the level design, creating the last assets and the music.
The cat's ship movements are way smoother now.