Dec 15, 2014

Corgi Jam first update

8:32 AM Posted by Lucas Izumi , No comments
Having missing the last two Ludum Dares, we ended up finding about the Corgi Jam (which will last until December 21st) and decided to take part in it!
The first thing we talked about was how we were going to make a game that shows all the glory of the corgis and, surprinsingly, the name of the game came immediately to mind (usually this is the last thing we achieve, and after a lot of brainstorming): Corgi's Bizarre Adventure.

With the name in mind, we thought of making a game where each level would have a different mechanic: shooter, puzzle, platform, etc. But after a little thinking we decided it would be very troublesome, specially because we would need several different assets. We would, basically, be making different games. Then, we decided to do a runner. There are a lot of runners nowadays, but we are trying to make it different by adding a few features.

Up until now, our game looks like this:
Run corgi, run!
It misses a HUD at the moment, but the main system is up and functional. We are working now on power ups and power downs, score system, shop system and balancing.